Games, Decisions & Networks Research Lab

Games, Decisions & Networks Research Lab is led by Dr. Muhammed Omer Sayin at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University, Turkey. We focus on research challenges in socio-technical systems where humans and technological systems can engage with each other. Our overarching goal is to develop an understanding for the theoretical and algorithmic foundation of learning and autonomy in complex and dynamic systems so that we can solve these challenges with systematic guarantees. We resort to (and bring together) technical concepts and tools from game theory, decision theory and network theory. Application areas include artificial intelligence, intelligent and autonomous systems, robotics, and security.

See the preprint arXiv:2111.11742 for an overview of our recent research projects.

We are co-organizing the online Games, Decisions & Networks Seminar Series on Fridays at 7 pm Istanbul Time! You can refer to the seminar webpage for the details of the talks and the links:

We are looking for new team members. Please contact us if you are interested in!


  • [Dec. 2021] A new preprint is available: M. O. Sayin and K. A. Cetiner, “On the heterogeneity of independent learning dynamics in zero-sum stochastic games”, submitted to L4DC’22. [pdf] [url]
Our Poster at NeurIPS’21 [Dec. 2021]
  • [Nov. 2021] A new preprint is available: A. Ozdaglar, M. O. Sayin and K. Zhang, “Independent learning in stochastic games,” ArXiv:2111.11743 [An invited chapter for the International Congress of Mathematicians 2022 (ICM 2022)] [url]
  • [Oct. 2021] Our patent “Managing roadway intersections for vehicles” is granted on Oct. 19, 2021. [url]
  • [Sep. 2021] Our paper “Decentralized Q-learning in Zero-sum Markov Games” will appear in NeurIPS’21. [url]